Sunday, April 15, 2012


There has been a lot of changes in our lives these last few months, I was released from Young Women I have have grown so much from these wonderful young ladies and my testimony in the gospel has grown. I have missed the girls but also know that it was time for me to be a mom. I lost my sweet grandpa Benson so glad to know that he is happy and well and that I will see him again We became a aunt and uncle again through adopotion a sweet little girl from China could not be happier for Jer and Jen on their new addition our whole family are so twittered patted by this sweet little girl all you want to do is kiss and love her. She has amazing eyes that you just melt when you see her. K'Lee and Addison are so cute with her they just want to hold her and play with her and keep finding things for me to give to Leah which right now just go into a box for when she is older. Tucker just tells me that we have to be soft with her and pets her when we are with them. What a blessing it has been to be a part of this wonderful experiance, we have been so excited for them and excited to be a part of this little girls life.

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